In the world of High Fantasy, the cultures and lands are so diverse that most races have their own traditions and tales of how things came to be the way they are. Some stories are written and some are told through song and crafted words. Here is a selection of known myths for you to peruse.

The Great World War MythsEdit

Wars that made the Seperated/United Kingdoms

The Myths of AskadEdit

The Great Divide

Horrors and Stories of the Wind and Shadow People

The Legend of the RinEdit

They speak of immortals to scare children into behaving, but they don't know how right they are...

The Myth of Creation and Destruction of the KamaghalibEdit

There were three siblings...

The Khai'luxian Lore of TimeEdit

She had two daughters; one of fire and the other of snow.

How the Suid Learned to FlyEdit

As told by Amittai, to Omni, during their travels.