High Fantasy SummaryEdit

Hi-Fi Pedia (High Fantasy Wikipedia) was created for the exclusive use to introduce the fiction saga of The World of High Fantasy to Wikipedia. The World of High Fantasy was created by two aspiring novelists and the creators of Hi-Fi Pedia, Whitney Tresler and Tabetha Schneider. Started in High School of 2003 the works are still in progress today.

The saga begins with two characters in epic adventures of danger, overcomming racial differences, love, revolution, fame, and heart break. First met is Amittai, a banished Khai'luxian, whom works for the overbearing King Jabez of the High City. Told to find a warrior to defeat the dreaded Jabberwocky that was causing havoc upon the countries of the Eastern Continent, a challenge was given to the populace to win everlasting glory, fame, money, and the honor of King's Champion in a weekly trial by combat. The winner of each week would then compete in the ultimate showdown at the King's very own stadium. Enter the down-on-his-luck would be hero, Omni, with a secret as big as the mighty quest itself. Told to ensure the new Champion's welfare, Amittai accompanies Omni on the quest to kill the Jabberwocky. Along the way they meet old friends, hired killers, a mysterious group from the Shadows, the impassioned JubJub Bird, and other races.

During the quest the main characters begin to see a larger plot of secrets and lies. The controller of the dreaded Jabberwocky has more in mind than interrupted trade routes.The High City falls into revolution, Amittai takes rulership, old enemies rise up, new allies arrive, and a hostile takeover is uncovered. All the while the Council of Kingdoms threaten to become involved in the High City politics to keep peace in neutral racial ground.

Etymology Edit

The name "High Fantasy" is based upon the literary genre of High Fantasy[1].