Main CharactersEdit



Name: Amittai Chandrakant Amariah Shahpur

Title: Esteemed Chancellor to the King of the City, replaced by The King of the High City

Age: 22

Race: Khai'lux

Gender: Male (Hermaphrodite)

Father Bion and older brother Abidan. Mother Yama and sisters Aida and Hezekiah and younger brother Khayri. Adopted siblings Jahan and Sura.

His partner, Omni and their children, the twins Tane and Tragedienne, and their adopted son (Amittai nephew), Kiran.

He also considers his Maharashi, or his life guide, Neirin, and the group he went on his Walk with, to be family. Their names are Kefilwe, Thulani and Yianni.



Lord, and how.

The ChildrenEdit

Tane (Tanemahuta)





Side CharactersEdit

There's a lot, I guess.

Important Historical FiguresEdit

The Court of SeasonsEdit

Spring and Winter, or is it Summer and Fall?

The Askadian Shadow CourtEdit

Sneaky sneaky...

The Divine Court of the Mind of the Khalid-abd-FirdausEdit

Behind the walls of the Sultan; He Who Knows the Sword and the Way.

The Good Mother of the Khai'luxEdit

What did she do to earn that name?

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